Iarra (iarra) wrote in off_grid,

solar energy

Does anyone know if there is anything out there like a "basic solar energy kit"? Like, something that gives you everything you need to collect a little bit of solar energy and something to plug your gadgets into?

I want to set up a small system to charge my cell phone, a few lights, use my laptop for a little bit maybe but trying to find information about setting up a system is hard to do! It really feels like no one out there wants people to find out how to do anything less than convert their entire house to solar. I just want a "plug and play [after charging a bit]" system I don't want something jerry rigged with exposed bits.

This Amazon listmania list seems to have everything you need, but I'm not well informed enough yet to know, or to know what to do to put it together well... And it still has the problem of exposed bits on the battery.. Gotta be something else?
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